The Realty Store Property Management is very proud of our amazing customer service that we provide to all of our tenants.  We believe that our tenants are our customers, which makes them our main priority! We have been in business since 2006 and we have one of the most professional and organized teams possible in Property Management.  Our core values are to be honest and accountable at all times and to listen to our tenants needs.  Our goal is to resolve any issue of a conflict with a positive outcome for all parties. We service Red Deer and all surrounding areas as far east as Stettler, as far west as Rocky Mountain House, as far North as Ponoka and as far South as Olds.

Client Testimonials

  • In working with individuals in a wide variety of service industries - knowledge and integrity are two of the key values I look for. Matthew Lavergne has those in spades. If you are looking for commercial or residential property management - talk to Mr. Lavergne. You won't be disappointed.

    Matthew Mowbrey Avatar
    Matthew Mowbrey
  • As along term customer of the Realty Store I have had a very positive, professional experience. When you rent a property you sign a contract that out lines what is expected from the tenants and the Realty Store.Nothing changes when it is time to move out, if you stayed with in the terms of the rental agreement you get your deposit back. If you decided to not live up to the rules associated with the rental you could potentially loose a portion of your deposit (that's why deposts are required).There are a lot of comments on this review where its pretty clear the people didn't live up to their end of the contract and then decided to lash out and try and do damage to a business instead of taking personal responsibility.I hope people who read these reviews realize where the majority of these negative review are from people acting like children who need to take personal responsibility for their actions and also understand the expectations from renting some one else's home.This crew has always has been fair to us, we have not always agreed in all situations but in the end we are still clients and happy to be.

    J. Scott Avatar
    J. Scott
  • The office staff are polite and friendly. Matthew is very knowledgeable and helpful. He is a very caring and compassionate person.

    Darla Black Avatar
    Darla Black
  • Upon hours of research, I chose The Realty Store to manage my property. Matthew was the most informative and transparent of the property managers I had interviewed. Since then I have had nothing but great service from the team at the Realty Store. They have been extremely prompt when I required investment income documentation when acquiring credit and on another occasion when seeking approval for signing an apartment lease in another city.

    Tyler James Avatar
    Tyler James
  • Talk about a Management company concerned about the service of owners, and awesome representation of tenants, what a great company, and as a landlord, happy to provide a quality home working with this company.

    Daniel Bradshaw Avatar
    Daniel Bradshaw
  • The realty store was mg first company I ever rented with and if I ever had to rent again I would go through them in a blink of an eye. I was a single female living on my own in a basement suite and I felt so safe. If I had any problems or questions I would call the maintenance manager Ken and he would respond and get me help within the hour. That was so important to me. It was always a great experience when dealing with Ken and I’m truly blessed for all his help! Everyone at the reality store was so kind and helpful, I don’t regret anything 🙂

    Morgan Ganzeveld Avatar
    Morgan Ganzeveld
  • I have had the pleaser of working closely with both Nicole and Val in the office over the years. I have sent many references to Nicole for prospective tenants and they have came back confirming the great service they get from all the office staff. The Realty Store itself always has a great variety of rentals and seem to accommodate almost everyone! Keep up the good work!

    Christina Urlacher Avatar
    Christina Urlacher
  • Matt is professional and kind and Ken is a great mantaince man and always quick to get work done. Highly recommend this company.

    Kaylene Fehr Avatar
    Kaylene Fehr
  • I have known and worked with the their team for a few years and they are always top level in everything they do. I recommend them if you want to rent a home or have them manage your property for you.

    Graham Barclay Avatar
    Graham Barclay
  • From the time we listed our property with Matthew at The Realty Store it has been nothing but a positive and professional experience. Customer Service has been exceptional.

    Kay Stickland Avatar
    Kay Stickland
  • We have been working with the Realty Store for only 8 months and we are really impressed with everyone there. From the receptionist right up to the general manager, they are a wonderful group to deal with. Definitely worthwhile checking them out.

    red deer Avatar
    red deer
  • These guys are awesome. Truly care about the customers and properties. Definitely worth checking them out.

    Ron Rustad Avatar
    Ron Rustad
  • I have been working with Matthew and the team at the Realty Store for years now. They have exceeded all my expectations. They are professional and responsive and take care of all my property needs. I have no worries or concerns with this team on the job.

    Cynthia Rowsell Avatar
    Cynthia Rowsell
  • Hi have been working with the Realty Store for several years now and nothing bad to say at all! The staff are friendly and professional with quick response. I strongly suggest the Realty Store as a property management company. Thank you so much!

    David Horn Avatar
    David Horn
  • After dealing with a terrible landlord, The Realty Store has been a real breath of fresh air.The rental agent who showed me the unit was kind and is always there to answer any questions I might have, maintenance guy was very easy to work with when doing my walk through and let me add any silly little thing I deemed necessary on my move in inspection, and the receptionist has been awesome every time I've gone in to pay my rent.Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to rent!

    Kyla Routhier Avatar
    Kyla Routhier









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